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TS 3

 B-laatu   12 Oct 2015 : 16:17
 None    Tiedote
!!! Päivittäkää tessuclient uusimpaan versioon, kun avaatte seuraavan kerran !!!

Tänään Maanantaina 12.10 tulee servu päivittymään ja tämän jälkeen sallittu client on minimissään versio

Alla meili palveluntarjoajalta jos jotakuta kiinnostaa:

"We at Multiplay Gameservers are emailing to inform you of an important change being made to your Voice Comms service.

Due to a recently discovered vulnerability, we are applying a security update to our TeamSpeak 3 servers. This change updates the minimum version client allowed to connect to any of our hosted TS3 services to v3.0.18.1

In short, the known vulnerability allows users to download files to other clients without their permission. For further information on this vulnerability please check this team speak forum thread.

We will be rolling this change to all servers throughout today in batches and recommend updating your client as soon as possible. Please be aware that when we make this change we will also restart your server to ensure the change is applied immediately."